Technology solutions for advertisers

  • Demand Side Platform
  • Data Management Platform
  • RTB Ad Exchanges

Cutting-edge technologies and your ability to correctly interpret data from various sources will significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Precise targeting, rather than purchasing cheap impressions is the key to success. You will only achieve more conversions and higher ROI if you display ads to people who need or want and can afford your goods and services. Even if you sometimes pay a lot more for impression, your conversions and return on investment will be higher.

Dozens of technological solutions are available. Companies take years to select technologies and marketing departments do not have the capacity for testing and comparing technological solutions. The final choice will probably not be the best one.

Test several technologies with us and choose one that best meets your objectives. We will teach you how to work with reports and monetise the available data. We will show you what the technology can do and how you can benefit. You will choose what is best for you.

Benefits of programmatic media buying

  • Access to magnitude of third party data
  • Sophisticated retargeting
  • Granular geo-targeting
  • Flexible device and platform targeting
  • Cross media user frequency capping
  • Dynamic creatives optimisation