Technology solutions for publishers

  • RTB ad exchange
  • Supply Side Platforms
  • Data Management Platform

Until recently, programmatic ad sales have been used to sell out anything traders were unable to sell through the conventional channels. However, the demand from advertisers keeps growing and experts estimate that more than 50% of ads will be sold through the programmatic channels by 2020.

Concerns regarding problematic selection of a suitable technology are a frequently quoted barrier. The offer exceeds the demand, not many people understand these issues and nobody dares to test several technological solutions. Correct evaluation of data from several sources presents yet another obstacle.

You can entrust a part of your advertising space to us and we will show you what different technologies can do on this space. Test several technologies with us and select the one that best meets your objectives. We will also teach you how to work with reports and monetise the available data.

The sales department retains full control of the sales policy and the advertising space. You will see in real time who and when buys how much advertising space from you.

Programmatic ad sales offer several advantages

  • It improves the performance of your inventory.
  • Advertisers achieve more conversions owing to the precise targeting and are more satisfied despite a higher price of impressions.
  • You can manage thousands of advertisers without superfluous administration.
  • Transparent access to all data you want.
  • It protects users from inappropriate advertising.